About us

Manchester Open Library (MOL) is a publishing partnership between the University of Manchester Library and Manchester University Press (MUP). The imprint has evolved out of the Library’s commitment to Open Access publishing and is the latest venture in MUP’s long tradition of scholarly publishing.

MOL provides an Open Access journal publishing option for the University of Manchester and the wider academic community across all disciplines. The service includes an online journal hosting platform and established journal production and editorial expertise.  Open Journal Systems (OJS) provides both a journal management system and a publishing platform.

MOL offers journal editors a range of support options.  This approach allows us to provide a free or low cost Open Access publishing model.   

Editorial Advisory Group

An Editorial Advisory Group made up of representatives from the Library, MUP and invited members of the academic community oversees the development and delivery of MOL. All new journal proposals are subject to approval by the group. 

Editorial Advisory Group Membership

Simon Bains (Chair)

Frances Pinter

Emma Brennan

Meredith Carroll

Helen Dobson

Doug Field

John Normansell

George Walkden

Publishing Connections

MOL is connected to a number of professional bodies and Open Access initiatives.  

Manchester University Press

Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association

Directory of Open Access Journals

UK Serials Group

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